outstanding in their fields

Some athletes bring their A game to every match—and into the classroom. Chevron and the Pac-12 are teaming up to highlight the importance of STEM education by showcasing Pac-12 athletes whose STEM majors have set them up for success.

student-athletes become industry leaders

They majored in STEM and went on to successful careers. Here’s how their achievements in the classroom and on the field helped them make a difference.

Alysia Green’s STEM fast track

Excellence in math helped her compete on Stanford’s track and field team and got her hired as a Chevron programmer analyst (1:00)

Dave Fitzgerald: team player

Working as part of a team is something Dave learned as a Cougars linebacker. It’s a skill he’s never lost (1:00)

Daryl Pessler: leveraging momentum

What he learned at UC Berkeley, both as a football player and an Environmental Sciences major, still serves him as a Chevron Project Manager (1:00)

Sue Nutter: pulling with the team

As a rower and engineering student at the University of Washington, Sue got the technical and teamwork skills she uses today at Chevron (1:00)

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