can STEM help you score goals?

Whether you’re a #1 fan or an athlete yourself, understanding the science, engineering and technology behind soccer can unlock new skills on and off the field. Learn how STEM can power your progress towards not just becoming a better soccer player, but accelerate your journey to achieving greater success in life.

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the science of water

Ever wonder why water plays an important role in if you aim or not? Find out why and much more about the science behind soccer.

setting higher goals

chevron soccer academy

Creating more accessible soccer opportunities for youth will strengthen the community. That’s why Chevron is partnering with the Open Goal Project to launch the Chevron Soccer Academy, a destination for players to find the knowledge, resources, and support system to grow on and off the field.

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Players experiencing fast twitch muscle movement with sprinting exercises.

Players learning about velocity as they test their shooting speed.

Player defying gravity with overhead bicycle kicks.

Players increasing their agility with ball control drills.

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